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Small photo of A large red rose shown up closeSmall photo of A printed, red heart is shown up close on a textured, professional playing card.Small photo of The texture of a single playing card, depicting the ace of spades, in shown up close in a macro view.Small photo of Los Angeles, CA / USA - April 25, 2018: A parking meter is shown up close on a sidewalk in L.A.Small photo of MARINA DEL REY, CA - JULY 6, 2018: LIME, a BIRD electric scooter competitor has shown up on the sidewalks in Los Angeles County.Small photo of King Power, Bangkok Thailand. November 5th, 2018. Disney Celebration Event : Minnie Mouse shown up in convention hall have been interesting for Disney fan clubs.Small photo of A thick collection of fern leaves is shown up close along a hiking path in a tropical forest during a sunny day.Small photo of Los Angeles, CA / USA - Feb. 21, 2019: The High Tower Elevator, built circa 1920 by architect Carl Kay in the Hollywood Heights neighborhood of L.A., is shown up close during a sunny day.Small photo of A group of large red roses shown up close- natural red rose on branchSmall photo of Lemon plant grown in pot in the garden. Tree of yellow lemons shown up close and between the leaves of the trees.Small photo of Vilnius/Lithuania-2019.01.20: cigar guillotine black on black background with silver blades shown upSmall photo of Pasadena, CA / USA - Jan. 1, 2020: The Goodyear semi-rigid airship (aka blimp) called "Wingfoot Three" is shown up close, flying above the annual Rose Bowl American football game.Small photo of ROME, Italy - Jun 2015: Restaurant with menu shown up on fenceSmall photo of The falling season has shown up in front of the house at the top of Khao Chalak mountain, Chonburi, Thailand.Small photo of Worn, original paint on a vintage vehicle is shown up close, giving the finish an abstract look.

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