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Small photo of emotional upset couple sitting on couch and quarreling about smartphone, mistrust conceptSmall photo of selective focus of beautiful upset woman sitting in car with her boyfriendSmall photo of The girl sits on a white chair with his head down. She is somewhat upset and emotionally upsetSmall photo of Portrait of an upset beautiful young woman wearing red clothes standing isolated over pink backgroundSmall photo of Close-up of upset man leaning on wall with hand on foreheadSmall photo of The boy teenager sits on a chair with his head down, and holding it with both hands. He is somewhat upset and emotionally upsetSmall photo of War time. Pretty pleasant woman touching her hear while judging her upset husband who looking downSmall photo of Shocked and bothered, upset handsome guy in orange t-sirt, stare at mobile screen questioned and sad, losing, see bad news, raise hands in dismay, read upsetting results, standing yellow backgroundSmall photo of Sick upset middle aged lady hold belly suffer from abdomen ache concept, mature old adult woman feel morning pain hurt in stomach abdominal gastritis pancreatitis diarrhea problem symptom sit on bedSmall photo of Serious frustrated middle aged senior woman worried reading bad news in paper letter document, stressed upset mature lady troubled with domestic bills, concerned about bankruptcy debt money problemsSmall photo of Couple dreaming to be parents. Upset man comforting his depressed wife with negative pregnancy test, free spaceSmall photo of Upset fatigued overworked senior mature business woman taking off glasses tired of computer work, exhausted middle aged employee suffers from blurry vision after long laptop use, eye strain problemSmall photo of Sad upset woman caught a cold from the air conditioner and suffering from sore throatSmall photo of Couples are bored, stressed, upset and irritated after quarreling. Family crisis and relationship problems that come to an endSmall photo of Handsome man working using computer laptop and drinking a cup of coffee stressed with hand on head, shocked with shame and surprise face, angry and frustrated. Fear and upset for mistake.

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