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clear the decks

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Din dicționarul Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  116 Moby Thesaurus words for "clear the decks":
     abstract, arrange, ballast, blow, blow out, break bulk,
     break out ballast, cast off, cast out, chuck, clean out, clean up,
     clear, clear away, clear for action, clear off, clear out,
     clear up, consider every angle, cure, cut out, defecate, deplete,
     deploy, deport, dispose of, drain, dress, eject, elide, eliminate,
     empty, empty out, eradicate, evacuate, exhaust, exile, expatriate,
     expel, fix, fix up, forearm, get quit of, get ready, get rid of,
     get shut of, groom, guard against, hedge, leave out nothing,
     liquidate, make arrangements, make preparations, make ready,
     make sure, make sure against, marshal, mobilize, neaten, outlaw,
     overlook no possibility, pick out, plan, play safe, police,
     police up, prearrange, prep, prepare, prepare for, pretreat,
     process, provide, provide a hedge, provide against, provide for,
     purge, put in shape, put in trim, ready, ready up, reef down,
     remove, root out, root up, scour out, settle preliminaries,
     shift ballast, shoot ballast, shorten sail, spruce, spruce up,
     straighten up, strike off, strike out, sweep out, take measures,
     take precautions, take steps, tan, throw over, throw overboard,
     tidy, tidy up, treat, trig up, trim, trim ship, trim up, try out,
     unclog, unfoul, vent, void, weed out, wing out ballast  

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