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  • In South African English, a Donga is a ditch formed by the erosion of soil.

  • Donga (Thief) (Telugu: దొంగ ) is a Telegu film which was released on March 14, 1985. This film was directed by A. Kodandarami Reddy, and stars Chiranjeevi and Radha. This film is produced by T. Trivikram Rao and was distributed by his company Vijayalakshmi Art Pictures.

  • A transportable building with single rooms, often used on remote work sites or as tourist accomodation

  • Dongans - Dungan (Дунгане) is a term used in territories of the former Soviet Union to refer to a Muslim people of Chinese origin. Turkic-speaking peoples in Xinjiang Province in China also refer to members of this ethnic group as Dungans. ...

  • The Dongas Tribe were a UK road protest group in England originally noted for their occupation of Twyford Down outside Winchester, Hampshire. This was a protest against the M3 motorway extension which destroyed some "government protected" rich ecological sites and ancient monuments there. ...

  • A natural ditch resulting from severe soil erosion. From the isiZulu for “wall”.

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