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  • The Roman legion (from Latin legio "military levy, conscription," from legere — "to choose") is a term that can apply both as a translation of legio ("conscription" or "army") to the entire Roman army and also, more narrowly (and more commonly), to the heavy infantry that was the basic military ...

  • legion - host: archaic terms for army
  • legion - association of ex-servicemen; "the American Legion"
  • legion - a large military unit; "the French Foreign Legion"
  • legion - horde: a vast multitude
  • legion - numerous: amounting to a large indefinite number; "numerous times"; "the family was numerous"; "Palomar's fans are legion"

  • The Legion of Super-Heroes is a fictional superhero team in the 30th and 31st centuries of the . The team first appears in Adventure Comics #247 (April 1958), and was created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino.

  • LEGION - L.E.G.I.O.N., is a team of fictional extraterrestrial superheroes, a science fiction comic book published by DC Comics. They first appeared in Invasion! #1(December 1988), and were created by Keith Giffen, Bill Mantlo and Todd McFarlane. ...

  • Legion is a computer software system variously classified as a distributed operating system, a peer-to-peer system, metacomputing software, or middleware. It is an object-based system designed to provide secure, transparent access to large numbers of machines, both to computational power and data.

  • Legion, also known as the Gerasene Demon, is a demon referred to in the Christian Bible. The New Testament outlines an encounter where Jesus healed a man from Gadarenes possessed by demons while traveling.

  • The legion, in biological taxonomy, is a non-obligatory taxonomic rank within the Linnaean hierarchy which is subordinate to the class but superordinate to the cohort. It consists of a group of related orders and has been employed in some classifications of birds and mammals.

  • Legion is a fictional supervillain in the DC Comics universe. He was created by Keith Giffen, Gerard Jones, and Romeo Tanghal. He is a foe of Abin Sur, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, the Silver Age Green Lantern and the Green Lantern Corps. His only appearance is in the 1990 mini-series ''''.

  • Legion is a 2010 American apocalyptic-thriller film, directed by Scott Stewart, written by Peter Schink and rewritten by Stewart. The film features an ensemble cast that includes Paul Bettany, Lucas Black, Adrianne Palicki and Dennis Quaid.

  • Legion (David Charles Haller) is a Marvel Comics character, created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Bill Sienkiewicz.

  • Legion is a 1983 horror novel by William Peter Blatty, a sequel to The Exorcist. It was made into the movie The Exorcist III in 1990.

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