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Din dicționarul The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 :

  Openness \O"pen*ness\, n.
     The quality or state of being open.
     [1913 Webster]

Din dicționarul WordNet (r) 2.0 :

       n 1: without obstructions to passage or view; "the openness of
            the prairies"
       2: characterized by an attitude of ready accessibility
          (especially about one's actions or purposes); not
          secretive [ant: closeness]
       3: willingness or readiness to receive (especially impressions
          or ideas); "he was testing the government's receptiveness
          to reform"; "this receptiveness is the key feature is
          oestral behavior, enabling natural mating to occur";
          "their receptivity to the proposal" [syn: receptiveness,

Din dicționarul Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  196 Moby Thesaurus words for "openness":
     access, accessibility, admissibility, admission, amenableness,
     apparentness, approachability, artlessness, assimilation,
     austerity, availability, baldness, bareness, big mouth, bluffness,
     bluntness, broadness, brusqueness, candidness, candor,
     childlikeness, clearness, come-at-ableness, common speech,
     communicativeness, completeness, comprehension, comprehensiveness,
     comprisal, conversableness, coverage, crystal-clearness,
     defenselessness, directness, distinctness, effusion, effusiveness,
     eligibility, embodiment, embracement, encompassment, envisagement,
     evidence, evidentness, exhaustiveness, exposure, extroversion,
     flow of words, flowing tongue, fluency, fluent tongue,
     flux de bouche, flux de paroles, flux of words, forthrightness,
     frankness, freedom, freeness, garrulity, garrulousness, gassiness,
     genuineness, getatableness, gettableness, gift of gab, glibness,
     gregariousness, guilelessness, gush, gushiness, helplessness,
     homespun, hospitality, household words, impressionability,
     inclusion, inclusiveness, incorporation, influenceability,
     ingenuousness, innocence, invitingness, leanness, liability,
     long-windedness, loose tongue, loquaciousness, loquacity,
     malleability, manifestness, matter-of-factness, membership,
     movability, naiveness, naivete, naivety, nakedness, naturalness,
     nonimmunity, obtainability, obtainableness, obviousness, open mind,
     open-mindedness, openheartedness, openness to sight, outgoingness,
     outspokenness, overtness, palpability, participation, patentness,
     penetrability, perspicuity, persuadability, persuadableness,
     persuasibility, perviousness, plain English, plain dealing,
     plain speaking, plain speech, plain style, plain words, plainness,
     plainspokenness, procurability, procurableness, prolixity,
     prosaicness, prosiness, reachableness, reception, receptiveness,
     receptivity, recipience, responsiveness, restrainedness, roundness,
     rustic style, securableness, severity, simpleheartedness,
     simplemindedness, simpleness, simplicity, sincerity,
     single-heartedness, single-mindedness, singleness of heart, slush,
     soberness, sociability, spareness, spate of words, starkness,
     straightforwardness, suggestibility, susceptibility, susceptivity,
     swayableness, talkativeness, tangibility, tolerance, toleration,
     trustfulness, unadorned style, unadornedness, unaffectedness,
     unconstraint, unguardedness, unimaginativeness, unmistakableness,
     unpoeticalness, unquestionability, unrepression, unreserve,
     unreservedness, unrestraint, unrestriction, unreticence,
     unsecretiveness, unsophisticatedness, unsophistication,
     unsuppression, unsuspiciousness, untaciturnity, unwariness,
     verbosity, vernacular, visibility, volubility, vulnerability,
     weakness, whole, windiness  

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