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Din dicționarul The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 :

  Scarab \Scar"ab\, Scarabee \Scar"a*bee\, n. [L. scarabaeus; cf.
     F. scarab['e]e.]
     1. (Zool.) Any one of numerous species of lamellicorn beetles
        of the genus Scarabaeus, or family Scarabaeidae,
        especially the sacred, or Egyptian, species ({Scarabaeus
        sacer, and Scarabaeus Egyptiorum).
        [1913 Webster]
     2. (Egyptian Archaeology, Jewelry) A stylized representation
        of a scarab beetle carved in stone or faience, or made in
        baked clay, usually in a conventionalized form in which
        the beetle has its legs held closely at its sides, and
        commonly having an inscription on the flat underside; -- a
        symbol of resurrection, used by the ancient Egyptians as
        an ornament or a talisman, and in modern times used in
        jewelry, usually by engraving the formalized scarab design
        on cabuchon stones. Also used attributively; as, a scarab
        bracelet [a bracelet containing scarabs]; a ring with a
        scarab [the carved stone itelf].
        [1913 Webster +PJC]

Din dicționarul THE DEVIL'S DICTIONARY ((C)1911 Released April 15 1993) :

  SCARABEE, n.  The same as scarabaeus.
                  He fell by his own hand
                      Beneath the great oak tree.
                  He'd traveled in a foreign land.
                  He tried to make her understand
                  The dance that's called the Saraband,
                      But he called it Scarabee.
      He had called it so through an afternoon,
          And she, the light of his harem if so might be,
          Had smiled and said naught.  O the body was fair to see,
      All frosted there in the shine o' the moon --
                          Dead for a Scarabee
      And a recollection that came too late.
                              O Fate!
                      They buried him where he lay,
                      He sleeps awaiting the Day,
                              In state,
      And two Possible Puns, moon-eyed and wan,
      Gloom over the grave and then move on.
                          Dead for a Scarabee!
                                                         Fernando Tapple

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