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Din dicționarul The Collaborative International Dictionary of English v.0.48 :

  Seisin \Sei"sin\, n.
     See Seizin. --Spenser.
     [1913 Webster] Seismic

Din dicționarul Bouvier's Law Dictionary, Revised 6th Ed (1856) :

  SEISIN, estates. The possession of an estate of freehold. 8 N. H. Rep. 57; 3 
  Hamm. 220; 8 Litt. 134; 4 Mass. 408. Seisin was used in contradistinction to 
  that precarious kind of possession by which tenants in villenage held their 
  lands, which was considered to be the possession of their lords in, whom the 
  freehold continued. 
       2. Seisin is either in fact or in law. 
       3. Where a freehold estate is conveyed to a person by feoffment, with 
  livery of seisin, or by any of those conveyances which derive their effect 
  from the statute of uses, he acquires a seisin in deed or in fact, and a 
  freehold in deed: but where the freehold comes to a person by act of law, as 
  by descent, he only acquires a seisin in law, that is, a right of 
  possession, and his estate is called a freehold In law. 
       4. The seisin in law, which the heir acquires on the death of his 
  ancestor, May be defeated by the entry of a stranger, claiming a right to 
  the land, which is called an abatement. (q.v.) 
       5. The actual seisin of an estate may be lost by the forcible entry of 
  a stranger who thereby ousts or dispossesses the owner this act is called a 
  disseisin. (q.v.) 
       6. According to Lord Mansfield, the various alterations which have been 
  made in the law for the last three centuries, "have left us but the name of 
  feoffment, seisin, tenure, and, freeholder, without any precise knowledge of 
  the thing originally signified by these sounds." 
       7. In the United States, a conveyance by deed executed and 
  acknowledged, and properly recorded according to law, and the descent cast 
  upon the heir are, in general, considered as a seisin in deed without entry; 
  and a grant by letters-patent from the commonwealth has the same effect. 4 
  Mass. R. 546; 7 Mass. R. 494; 15. Mass. R. 214 1 Munf. R. 17O. The recording 
  of a deed is equivalent to livery of seisin. 4 Mass. 546. 
       8. In Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Ohio, seisin means 
  merely, ownership, and the distinction between seisin in deed and in law is 
  not known in practice. Walk. Intr. 324, 330; 1 Hill. Abr. 24 4 Day, R. 305; 
  4 Mass.; R. 489 14 Pick. R. 224. A patent by the commonwealth, in Kentucky, 
  gives a, right entry, but not actual seisin. 3 Bibb, Rep. 57. Vide 1 Inst. 
  31; 19 Vin. Ab. 306; Dane's Abr. c. 104, a. 3; 4 Kent, Com. 2, 381; Cruise's 
  Dig. t. 1, Sec. 23; Toull. Dr. Civ. Fr. liv. 3, t. 1, c. 1, n. 80; Poth. 
  Traite des Fiefs, part 1, c. 2; 3 Sumn. R. 170. Vide Livery of Seisin. 

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