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Din dicționarul Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  123 Moby Thesaurus words for "take it":
     accede, accept, account as, acquiesce, answer, assent, assume,
     avail, be afraid, be agreeable, be equal to, bear, bear the brunt,
     bear up, bear up under, believe, comply, conceive, conclude,
     consent, consider, daresay, deduce, deem, divine, do, do it, dream,
     esteem, estimate, expect, face the music, fancy, feel,
     fill the bill, fulfill, gather, get by, go along with, go around,
     grant, guess, hack it, hang in, hang tough, have a hunch,
     have an idea, have an impression, have an inkling, have the idea,
     hold, hold as, hold out, hold up, imagine, infer, judge, just do,
     keep up, knock under, knuckle down, knuckle under, let, let be,
     live with it, look upon as, maintain, make the grade, meet,
     meet requirements, never say die, not flag, not give up,
     not resist, not weaken, obey, opine, pass, pass muster, prefigure,
     presume, presuppose, presurmise, provisionally accept, qualify,
     reach, reckon, regard, relent, repute, resign, satisfy, say,
     see it out, serve, serve the purpose, set down as, stand,
     stand the gaff, stand up, stay it out, stay the distance,
     stick it out, stretch, submit, succumb, suffice, suppose, surmise,
     suspect, swallow it, swallow the pill, sweat it out, take,
     take for, take for granted, take to be, think, trow, understand,
     view as, ween, work  

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