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turn aside

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Din dicționarul Moby Thesaurus II by Grady Ward, 1.0 :

  172 Moby Thesaurus words for "turn aside":
     alter, ameliorate, anticipate, avert, avoid, bar, be changed,
     be converted into, be renewed, bear off, beat off, bend, blench,
     blink, block, blunt, bottom out, branch off, break, change,
     change the bearing, check, checker, chill, chop, chop and change,
     come about, come around, come round, cool, counter, cringe, curve,
     damp, dampen, debar, deflect, degenerate, depart, depart from,
     deter, deteriorate, detour, deviate, digress, disaffect,
     discourage, dishearten, disincline, disinterest, distract,
     divagate, divaricate, diverge, diversify, divert, dodge,
     draw aside, draw back, drive back, duck, ease off, edge off, estop,
     evade, exclude, excurse, fade, fall back, fend, fend off, flinch,
     flop, fly off, forbid, foreclose, forestall, gee, get sidetracked,
     glance, glance off, go astray, go off, hang back, haul around, haw,
     head off, heel, help, hinder, hold at bay, hold off, improve,
     indispose, jib, jibe, keep at bay, keep from, keep off,
     make way for, maunder, meliorate, mitigate, modulate, move aside,
     mutate, obstruct, obviate, parry, preclude, prevent, prohibit,
     pull back, push back, put back, put off, quail, quench, ramble,
     rebuff, recoil, reel back, repel, repulse, retreat, revive,
     rule out, save, sheer, sheer off, shift, shove aside, shrink,
     shrink back, shunt, shy, shy off, side, sidestep, sidetrack, sidle,
     start aside, start back, stave off, steer clear of, step aside,
     stop, stray, swerve, switch, tack, take a turn, trend, turn,
     turn away, turn back, turn from, turn into, turn off,
     turn the corner, undergo a change, vary, veer, veer off, wander,
     ward off, warp, wean from, weasel, weasel out, wince, worsen  

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