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Small photo of Prague, Czech republic - 16/5/2019 light green Land Rover DefenderSmall photo of FRANKFURT, GERMANY - SEP 10, 2019: New 2020 Land Rover Defender car presented at the Frankfurt IAA Motor Show 2019.Small photo of Military industry greeting card background steel metal body, rivets and bolts army tank armored personnel carrier. 23 february, 9 may, defender of the Fatherland day, victory day conceptSmall photo of Su-34 (T-10V product, according to NATO codification: Defender - Defender) is a Russian multifunctional supersonic fighter-bomber. Flying in a group.Small photo of STAMFORD, UNITED KINGDOM, 22nd November, 2019: A flood defender barrier in place to protect a residential home from being flooded by rising water levelsSmall photo of Football match in Boys' Under 18 years school soccer tournament. Defender and goal keeper are in action of defending mode.

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