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  • The Internet is not a thing, a place, a single technology, or a mode of governance. It is an agreement. (Internetul nu este un lucru, un loc, o tehnologie anume sau un sistem administrativ. Este un acord.) - John Gage
  • The Internet is the greatest thief: it steals your time. (Internetul este cel mai mare hoț: îți fură timpul.) - George Budoi
  • The Internet is the killer of time. (Internetul este ucigașul timpului.) - George Budoi

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Small photo of woman Hand holding virtual Global Internet connection metaverse. Business global internet connection application technology and digital marketing, Financial and banking, Digital link tech, big data.Small photo of World Technology Concepts. Global Network and Data Exchange. Metaverse Virtual Technology. Worldwide Business. Megatrends on Internet for Telecommunication, Finance and Internet of ThingsSmall photo of Businessman using mobile smart phone. Business global internet connection application technology and digital marketing, Financial and banking, Digital link tech, big data.Small photo of Modern cityscape and communication network concept. Telecommunication. IoT (Internet of Things). ICT (Information communication Technology). 5G. Smart city. Digital transformation.Small photo of Close up image of woman hands typing on laptop computer keyboard and surfing the internet on office table, online, working, business and technology, internet network communication conceptSmall photo of Internet network technology, IoT, digital software development, computer code, modern tech concept. Internet network with wireless connection, cloud computing, computer script on laptopSmall photo of Agriculturist utilize the core data network in the Internet from the mobile to validate, test, and select the new crop method. Young farmers and tobacco farmingSmall photo of Smart city and communication network concept. 5G. IoT (Internet of Things). Telecommunication.Small photo of Internet network security concept with young man in the nightSmall photo of Close up female hands holding credit card and smartphone, young woman paying online, using banking service, entering information, shopping, ordering in internet store, doing secure paymentSmall photo of e-learning education concept, learning online with webinar, video tutorial, internet lessonsSmall photo of Photo of amazed shocked young woman look phone fast internet fly hair isolated on colorful neon backgroundSmall photo of Businesswoman using laptop searching Browsing Internet Data Information.Networking ConceptSmall photo of Man technology future lifestyle, digital marketing IOT internet of thing future AI technology smart device social network, man with tablet surfing internet futuristic metaverse NFT backgroundSmall photo of Concentrated young businessman in eyewear looking at laptop screen, web surfing information in internet or working distantly online at home office, communication remotely with client or study.

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