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  • I rather write 10,000 notes than one letter. (Aș scrie mai degrabă zece mii de note muzicale decât o singură literă.) - Ludwig van Beethoven

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Small photo of Letter O or number 0 made of real natural flowers and leaves. Flower font concept. Unique collection of letters and numbers. Spring, summer and valentines creative idea.Small photo of Letter A made of real natural flowers and leaves. Flower font concept. Unique collection of letters and numbers. Spring, summer and valentines creative idea.Small photo of 365 new days, 365 new chances. Letter board with motivational quote on grey concrete background with coffee cup. New year resolutions and goal setting, self improvement and development concept.Small photo of Abstract retro unreadable brown ink-written text.Old manuscript letter with vintage handwriting calligraphy texture.Grungy textured paper background.Scrapbook inscription design template.Lettering.Small photo of Banner.The word "Valentine's Day". Love on wooden blocks. Theme of love. Wooden letter blocks. Loving, positive emotions. Wooden cubes with the word. An exclusive relationship.Small photo of Smiling young indian woman holding paper bill letter doing paperwork bill reading good news check post mail sit at home table, happy lady customer receive bank receipt sheet tax refund notificationSmall photo of Ugly news. Distressed old age hispanic female check documents at home office read debt bankruptcy information in financial report. Upset stressed older latin woman get bad surprise in official letterSmall photo of Stafford, United Kingdom - November 27 2020: HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) letters seen with logos with the brown envelope and blurred self assessment and tax return notice letter. Selective focus.Small photo of Khabarovsk, Russia, November 17, 2020. Flat lay colourful abc alphabet letters made from the construction blocks of the Lego constructor on white isolated background. Letter mosaic with lego brick.Small photo of Amazed young mixed race female student hold official written letter with good test exam results. Happy asian woman look at paper document celebrate admission to university receive grant scholarshipSmall photo of Indian woman sit at desk hold document read paper letter feels disappointed shocked by bad news. Financial trouble bank debt notice, medical test results health problems, huge domestic bills conceptSmall photo of Sharjah Mosque Largest Masjid in Dubai, Ramadan Eid Concept background, Arabic Letter means: Indeed, prayer has been decreed upon the believers a decree of specified times, Travel and tourism imageSmall photo of Middle aged mature woman holding paper bill or letter using laptop computer at home for making online payments on website, calculating financial taxes fee cost, reviewing bank account, loan rates.Small photo of Attentive millennial asian female holding paper letter document reading financial statement. Focused vietnamese business woman worker employee review offer proposal study job contract terms conditionsSmall photo of Upset frustrated young man reading bad news in postal mail letter paper document sit at home table, depressed stressed guy worried about high bill tax invoice, overdue debt notification money problem

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