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  • I've always found paranoia to be a perfectly defensible position. (Am considerat mereu paranoia ușor de justificat.) - Pat Conroy
  • As an actor, you ask yourself what you can do to put yourself in a position where you can play that role. (În calitate de actor te întrebi ce poți face ca să te pui în situația în care poți juca un rol.) - Jeremy Northam
  • If you ever behold a giant, first of all check the position of the sun—to see whether or not it is the shadow of a pygmy. (Când vezi un uriaș, verifică mai întâi poziția soarelui; să nu fie doar umbra unui pigmeu.) - Novalis
  • The world is in offside position. The attack is always one step ahead of the defence. (Lumea este afară din joc. Atacul este mereu înaintea apărării.) - Hasier Agirre
  • Their position seems to be that their God is so great he doesn't even have to exist. (Poziția lor pare a fi că zeul lor este așa de grozav încât el nici măcar nu trebuie să existe.) - Carl Sagan

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Small photo of Red Japanese Lis squirrel, standing facing front on edge. Tail up in typical squirrel position. Looking very curious towards lens. Isolated on white background.Small photo of Doga or Doga yoga is the practice of yoga as exercise with dogs. Young woman in yoga position balancing with her dog. Home online training with a petSmall photo of Close up of ice hockey stick on ice rink in position to hit hockey puck.Small photo of Attractive young healthy woman practising yoga on a mat in the studio, in a yoga positionSmall photo of A man in the sales position who makes a proposalSmall photo of Write sand clock or hourglass and dollar bagson a balance scale in equal position on wood table. Financial concept : Time value of money, asset growth over time, depicts investment in long-term equitySmall photo of Young ordinary man go in for sport at home. Full size picture of regular ordinary guy stand in plank position alone in room. Beginner try to do his best and exercise. Hardworking real personSmall photo of Self-Healing Heart Chakra Meditation. Woman sitting in a lotus position with right hand on heart chakra and left palm open in a receiving gesture. Self-Care Practice at HomeSmall photo of Full length mindful young indian woman making mudra gesture, sitting in lotus position on comfortable couch at home. Peaceful millennial girl deeply meditating, doing breathing yoga exercises alone.Small photo of Crane lifting a wooden building module to its position in the structure. Construction site of an office building in Berlin. The new structure will be built in modular timber construction.Small photo of Grocery store in Guatemala with successful man celebrating, standing in a boxing position.Small photo of Horizontal banner serene couple and little daughter sitting on sofa in lotus position closed eyes do meditation breathing technique in living room, keep calm, healthy life habits and lifestyle conceptSmall photo of Old scroll in horizontal position isolatedSmall photo of Gratefulness – Woman expressing gratitude with hands. Close up image of female hands in prayer position outdoor. Self-care practice for wellbeingSmall photo of A surface of white worn out wooden boards in horizontal position. for vintage backgrounds, wedding invitations or spring motives

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