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  • Surround yourself with friends who will strengthen your marriage, and remove yourself from people who may tempt you to compromise your character. (Înconjoară-te de prieteni care îți vor consolida mariajul și îndepărtează-te de oamenii care te pot tenta să îți compromiți caracterul.) - Dave Willis

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Small photo of Smiling senior woman applying anti-aging lotion to remove dark circles under eyes. Happy mature woman using cosmetic cream to hide wrinkles below eyes. Lady using day moisturizer.Small photo of Miniature worker team create number 2020 and remove number 2019 , Happy new year 2019 conceptSmall photo of Automobile special workers remove old windscreen or windshield of a car in auto service station garage. BackgroundSmall photo of A young Caucasian girl shows the before and after results of intensive light surgery to remove the symptoms of rosacea. A noticeable reduction in cheek redness is seen.Small photo of Two surgeons, a man and a woman, perform surgery to remove prostate adenoma and varicocele, fibroadenomaSmall photo of Close up of decisive woman take off wedding ring make decision breaking up with husband, young female remove engagement jewelry having relationships problems filing for divorce or annulmentSmall photo of Man wearing an NBC personal protective equipment (ppe) suit, gloves, mask, and face shield, cleaning the streets with a backpack of pressurized spray disinfectant water to remove covid-19 coronavirus.Small photo of Medical treatment removal of birthmark from female patient's neck. Female dermatologist surgeon using electrocautery for removing mole. Radio wave electrocoagulation remove method. Close upSmall photo of Young woman in bath towel on head apply cleansing tonic with cotton pads. Girl remove makeup with micellar water. Face cleanser. Pure healthy skin. Morning facial treat. Mirror reflection at bathroom

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