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Small photo of New Hartford, New York - Feb 16, 2022: Wide View of Commercial Drive Local Businesses, and Tony's Pizzeria Deli in Foreground. Tony's is a Local Restaurant Chain Operating in Upstate New York Area.Small photo of Bordeaux , Aquitaine France - 02 13 2021 : Tonys Chocolonely milk chocolate bar with brand text logo and text sign tony'sSmall photo of July 2021 - Schiphol, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Stacks of Tony's Chocolonely chocolateSmall photo of Bordeaux , Aquitaine France - 02 20 2021 : tony's chocolonely bar with brand logo and text sign tonysSmall photo of AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS-JUNE 2020:assortment of different kind of chocolates. The brand of the chocolates is tony chocolonely. The little chocolates are called tiny tony's. They are sweet and delicious

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