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Small photo of Telecommunication network above North America from space by night with city lights in USA, Canada and Mexico, satellite orbiting Planet Earth for Internet of Things IoT and blockchain technologySmall photo of Washington DC, USA - July 19 2020: Donald Trump, the president of America wearing a mask - COVID-19. Coronavirus protection concept.Small photo of Los Angeles, California / USA - November 11, 2020: Female hand holding new black Apple iPhone mini against a colored background with screen on and clock displayedSmall photo of 11/07/2020,USA:Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks to supporters,in Wilmington.Small photo of TAMPA BAY, USA, JANUARY, 25. 2021: Super Bowl LV, the 55th Super Bowl 2020, Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. American football match, silhouette of players. NFL FinalSmall photo of 10/30/2020,USA:A photo of vice president of the United States,Joe Biden smiling.Small photo of 11/07/2020,USA:Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden speaks as vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris listens at The Queen theater,in Wilmington.Small photo of COVID-19 coronavirus in USA, 100 dollar money bill with face mask. COVID affects global stock market. World economy hit by corona virus outbreak. Financial crisis and coronavirus pandemic concept.Small photo of COVID-19 coronavirus in USA, 100 dollar money bill with face mask. Coronavirus affects global stock market. World economy hit by corona virus outbreak and pandemic fears. Crisis and finance concept.Small photo of 10/24/2020,USA:The debate gave Trump a bump in a crucial swing state, betting data suggests.Small photo of 10/18/2020,USA:Democratic Presidential candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden speaks during the first presidential debate at the Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic.Small photo of Microsoft Teams is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines persistent chat in the workplace, video meetings New York, USA. Saturday July 11, 2020Small photo of New York, USA - 14 December 2020. Concept of vaccine against COVID-19. Glass medical vials with liquid. Ampoules with coronavirus vaccine on a medical glass table. Selective focusSmall photo of London, UK - May 5th 2020: Donald Trump and Joe Biden pin badges, pictured of the USA flag. The two men will be battling eachother in the 2020 US Presidential Election.Small photo of Miami Downtown, FL, USA - MAY 31, 2020: George Floyd protests spread across America. Crowds of white and black people at a demonstration for human rights. Black lives matter

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