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Small photo of CUBA - CIRCA 1964: stamp printed by Cuba, shows BOOK BY FIDEL CASTRO -HISTORY WILL ABSOLVE ME, circa 1964Small photo of Two woman taking a dip in river Ganga at sunset. Dipping is a ritual infused with religious beliefs. The water of this holy river is meant to absolve people of their sinsSmall photo of Wooden Blocks with the text: Absolve.. The text is written in black letters and is reflected in the mirror surface of the table. New business relaunch startup concept.Small photo of Polytremis eltola, the yellow spot swift, is a species of skipper butterfly found in the Indomalayan realm. This butterfly resting & busking in a bush. Its open wing to absolve hit for its bodySmall photo of Absolve Word Written In Wooden Cube - NewspaperSmall photo of Absolve Word Written In Wooden CubeSmall photo of ABSOLVE word on blockSmall photo of ABSOLVE word written on wood block

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