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  • Across the sea of space, the stars are other suns. (De la un capăt la altul al mării spațiale, stelele sunt alți sori.) - Carl Sagan

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Small photo of TORONTO CITY SKYLINE AT SUNSET - Beautiful sunset scene of Toronto cityscape with airplane flying past dramatic diagonal clouds across sky. Blue and orange colors. Toronto, Ontario, CanadaSmall photo of The Northern Lights dance across the night sky as a silhouetted man reaches up towards itSmall photo of Cruise ship sailing across The Mediterranean sea - Aerial imageSmall photo of NEW YORK CITY, CIRCA 2018: Busy crowds of people walk across the intersection of Broadway and Spring Street in the SoHo neighborhood of Manhattan, NYC.Small photo of Drone view of a boat sailing across the blue clear waters of lake Tahoe CaliforniaSmall photo of Midsection of young blind man with white cane walking across the street in city.Small photo of Elevated view of the Financial District of London near the Tower Bridge across river Thames. London. England.Small photo of Rolling billows of swirling clouds from dry ice across the bottom even lightSmall photo of Panorama of Hong Kong City skyline with tourist sailboat at night. View from across Victoria Harbor HongKong.Small photo of Tower Bridge across the River Thames in London, UK.Small photo of NEW YORK CITY - CIRCA 2017: Busy crowds of people walk across 3rd Avenue in front of rush hour traffic in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City.Small photo of View of the famous landmark of London Tower Bridge across the Thames river in England, UKSmall photo of Wadi Shab, Oman - Jan 2012: An old Omani man steers a boat across the shallow green water at the entrance to Wadi Shab, a beautiful scenic canyon near Muscat in OmanSmall photo of Miami Downtown, FL, USA - MAY 31, 2020: George Floyd protests spread across America. Crowds of white and black people at a demonstration for human rights. Black lives matterSmall photo of The Alexander III Bridge across Seine river in Paris, France at sunrise

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