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Small photo of Ascetic place for productive workSmall photo of ancient ascetic statueSmall photo of Ascetic home interior with blue sofa, rug and lampSmall photo of Ascetic room with blue armchair, side table and white lampSmall photo of ascetic living conditions of Mahatma Gandhi in the house of the Museum where he lived the last days of his lifeSmall photo of KATHMANDU, NEPAL - SEPTEMBER 25, 2016 : Portrait Sadhu at Pashupatinath Temple in Nepal. Sadhu is a holy man, who have chosen to live an ascetic life and focus on the spiritual practice of Hinduism.Small photo of Moses with staff hardly walking in sands, exhausted ascetic fasting to save soulSmall photo of Ascetic white room with lamp, blue vintage sofa and benchSmall photo of Rural ascetic houses on a hill panorama. Remote village on the Carpathian Mountains green slope. Barn woods, log houses, fenced yards, green gardens, pastures and a forest around.Small photo of Man taking a picture of apple blossoms tree. Trendy Hipster with a Beanie and ascetic backpack Behind shoulder view. Online influencer doing live streaming. Male hand taking photo of springSmall photo of Ascetic living room in white with blue sofa and benchSmall photo of Ascetic villa patio with rattan chairs and grey floorSmall photo of JAIPUR, INDIA, October 27, 2017 : Sadhus in an Ashram. A sadhu is a religious ascetic, mendicant or any holy person in Hinduism and Jainism who has renounced the worldly life.

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