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  • Night time really is the best time to work. All the ideas are there to be yours because everyone is asleep. (Noaptea este într-adevăr cel mai bun moment pentru a lucra. Toate ideile care-ți vin sunt ale tale pentru că toți ceilalți dorm.) - Catherine O'Hara
  • To get rich, you have to be making money while you're asleep. (Pentru a te îmbogăți, trebuie să câștigi bani în timp ce dormi.) - David Bailey

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Small photo of Tired caucasian young woman falls asleep on couch on the couch after hard working day, fatigue conceptSmall photo of Lazy university student falls asleep while studying at home. Tired young man lying on sofa in living room interior, with book on face, laptop computer on tummy and messy food leftovers on coffee tableSmall photo of Sweet dream. Asleep, sleep asian young woman, girl under blanket, suffering from insomnia, awake at night in bedroom, tired and exhausted. Frustrated people with problem, exhausted on nightmares.Small photo of Peaceful sleepy middle aged woman resting on sofa with closed eyes, falling asleep, enjoying break, silent leisure time at home, taking deep breath of fresh air, reducing stressSmall photo of Cute funny infant baby girl making faces lying on mother hands in room at home and try to fall asleep. Motherhood. Woman holding newbornSmall photo of Asleep student trying to study with a laptop holding energy drink in the night at homeSmall photo of woman in a sleep mask is lying in bed and yawning. a European woman with sleep problems and insomnia, waking up and falling asleep in a cozy house. sleep disorders or depression. healthy sleep andSmall photo of Top View Bedroom Apartment: Man Uses Smartphone in Bed at Night When His Female Partner Trying to Fall Asleep. Couple After Fight, Argument. Addictive World of Social Media, Doom Scrolling, Fake News.Small photo of Asian loving parents take care of sleeping daughter in bedroom at home. Attractive happy family, beautiful mother puts blanket on comfortable asleep napping little baby kid on bed in morning in house.Small photo of Tired lazy napping yawn adult bearded man male manager worker bored at work project online in computer in office Caucasian mature ill businessman need energy asleep feel overworked exhaustionSmall photo of Fatigue, chronic sleep deprivation. Sleepy arabian or indian business man in a suit, sit at workplace in office with a laptop, put his head on his hand, fell asleep during work, feels tiredSmall photo of Packing of luggage for vacation. The cat fell asleep in the compartment of the suitcase and is ready to go on a tripSmall photo of Unhealthy little boy child measure high temperature with thermometer sleep in bed relax at home in bedroom. Sick ill little kid suffer from flu fever asleep in bed on lockdown quarantine.Small photo of View of a driver asleep at the wheel. Tired driver with closed eyes at the wheel, concept of man asleep while driving. A drowsy driver at the wheel, a tired person while drivingSmall photo of Person sleeping on sofa after drinking beer and eating home delivery pizza in front of television in living room. Tired woman falling asleep couch after large fast food takeout meal.

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