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Exemple de fraze cu avarice

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Imagini exemplificatoare pentru avarice

Small photo of Man counts his coins on a table. Personal finance, finance management, savings, thrifty or avarice concept.Small photo of Woman hand putting coinIn the glass jar. Saving money wealth and financial concept, Personal finance, finance management, savings, thrifty or avarice conceptSmall photo of Closeup portrait of greedy, evil young ceo man in blue shirt eating green cash dollars from plate, isolated on white background. Negative emotion, facial expression feelings. Financial avarice conceptSmall photo of Archer defending a roll of toilet paper from an army of pawns on a chessboard. Conceptual image representing egoism and avarice during coronavirus or 2019-ncov crisisSmall photo of Conceptual image of greed and avarice. Businessman grabbing money lying on office deskSmall photo of Closeup portrait greedy, young ceo, corporate executive, business woman, manager eating green cash, money dollars from plate, isolated white background. Emotion, facial expression. Financial avarice.

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