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  • Ask not for whom the bell tolls You might get an answer you don't especially like. (Nu întreba pentru cine bat clopotele. S-ar putea să primești un răspuns care să nu-ți placă foarte tare.) - Earnst Angst
  • Let the other guy have whatever he wants before the fight. Once the bell rings he's gonna be disappointed anyway. (Lasă-l pe celălalt individ să aibă orice vrea înainte de luptă. Oricum, o să fie dezamăgit, când sună gongul.) - George Foreman

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Small photo of Schezwan Chicken Fried Rice in black bowl at dark slate background. Szechuan Rice is indo-chinese cuisine dish with bell peppers, green beans, carrot, chicken breasts. Copy space. Top viewSmall photo of Macro photo orange bell pepper. Stock illustration vegetable orange bell peppers backgroundSmall photo of Chopped paprika or red sweet pepper cuts isolated on white background top view. Diced bell pepperSmall photo of Macro Photo food vegetable green bell peppers. Texture background fresh big green pepper color. Product Image Vegetable PepperSmall photo of Veg Schezwan Fried Rice in black bowl at dark slate background. Vegetarian Szechuan Rice is indo-chinese cuisine dish with bell peppers, green beans, carrot. Top viewSmall photo of Christmas background concept. Top view of Christmas gift box red balls with spruce branches, pine cones, red berries and bell on black wooden background.Small photo of Coronavirus ( Covid-19 virus ) hand sanitizer gel or alcohol ge to wash hands at modern luxury hotel reception counter desk with bell,Pen and woodcalendar . product for airport, hospitalSmall photo of A shiny silver metal bell at hotel reception. A table in the hotel at the concierge with a bell and a door key. Key and bell in a hotel.Small photo of Hotel service bell Concept hotel, travel, room,Modern luxury hotel reception counter desk on backgroundSmall photo of Modern luxury Hotel Reception Counter desk with Bell. Service Bell locating at reception. Silver Call Bell on table, Receptionists on background. ĐĄheck in hotel. Concept.Small photo of Kettlebell weightlifting woman lifting free weight panoramic banner gym. Hands holding heavy kettle bell for strength training exercise lifestyle.Small photo of Isolated vegetable halves. Raw cut vegetables top view (beetroot, zucchini, carrot, avocado, bell pepper, cucumber, eggplant, tomato, spices and herbs) isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of Stuffed omelette with tomatoes, red bell pepper and broccoli on light wooden background with copy space. Healthy diet food for breakfast. Tasty morning food. Top view, flat lay.Small photo of cosy trendy design and decorated bell tent in nature Glamping (glamorous camping) near river and forestSmall photo of Set of fresh whole and sliced green bell pepper isolated on white background. Top view.

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