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Small photo of Paris, FRANCE - NOVEMBER 25, 2014: Edith Piaf in an old magazine at La Galcante, the most unique bookshop in ParisSmall photo of Bookshelves in the library. Large bookcase with lots of books. Sofa in the room for reading books. Library or shop with bookcases. Cozy book background. Bookish, bookstore, bookshop.Small photo of London, United Kingdom. August 8, 2019. The Notting Hill Bookshop, formerly a Travel Bookshop, famous for being the setting for Notting Hill.Small photo of Chiang Mai/ Thailand - August 27, 2019: Inside a bookshop with black metal electric lamps hanging and a model globe on wooden table. Lots of books displayed.Small photo of Old senior woman holding open paper book in hands, middle aged mature grandma reading best seller novel concept from bookstore bookshop enjoying leisure hobby modern literature at home, close up viewSmall photo of Various japanese cartoon books for sale in a bookshop. Anime, Mange. Various mangas on display for sale. Manga comic books. Japanese culture. Japan comic Magazines. - Dubai UAE December 2019Small photo of Bookstore shelf with pile of new books with red empty plate. New arrivals at bookshop. Presentation of book. CopyspaceSmall photo of Edinburgh, Scotland - 30 July 2014: Green storefront of Tills Bookshop, a secondhand independent bookshop near The Meadows.Small photo of Bookstore shelf with pile of new books with red empty plate. New arrivals at bookshop. Presentation of book. CopyspaceSmall photo of bookshop sign on steel plate vintage signage of bookstore in city street in ancient european citySmall photo of Horizontal image elderly woman in glasses sitting on sofa reading new interesting book. Pastime and favourite hobby of older generation people, ad of bookshop sell buy of bestseller literature conceptSmall photo of Honolulu - August 16, 2018: Row of movie posters including Papillon, the House with a Clock in it's Wall, Peppermint, The Bookshop, and Puzzle on wall located outside the movie theater.Small photo of REIMS – CHAMPAGNE - FRANCE. AUGUST 17, 2017: Bookshop with wooden facade of ancient books with a retro charm. France.Small photo of MINNEAPOLIS, USA, - AUGUST, 8, 2019: Books on display in a bookshop in Minnaepolis, USA.Small photo of Oxford, UK - August 04, 2020: Exterior of Blackwell bookshop in Oxford, a city in England famous for its prestigious university, established in the 12th century. Selective focus.

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