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  • We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight. (Trăim într-o lume în care suntem nevoiți să ne ascundem pentru a face dragoste, în timp ce violența se practică în văzul tuturor.) - John Lennon

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Small photo of Cheerful African American woman looks up and points upwards with broad smile, recommends awesome product, suggests click banner, dressed casually, isolated on blue background shows advertisement promoSmall photo of Broad Shelled River Turtle or Broad Shelled Snake Necked Turtle (Chelodina Chelvdera) on white backgroundSmall photo of Container Depot chief talking to female foreman about custom document of the goods inside Empty Container depot in Broad daylightSmall photo of Store owner turning open sign broad through the door glass and ready to service.Small photo of Store owner turning open sign broad through the door glass and ready to service.Small photo of Talented Female Artist Working on a Modern Abstract Oil Painting, Gesturing with Broad Strokes Using Paint Brush. Dark Creative Studio Large Picture Stands on Easel Illuminated, Tools EverywhereSmall photo of Hands holding salmon and buckwheat dish with green beans, broad beans, and tomato slices. Nutritious dish with vegetables and fish from above. Healthy balanced dietSmall photo of Bowl of toasted broad beans viewed from above. Highly detailed top view of toasted broad beans. Toasted broad beans tale on wooden table. Vicia fabaSmall photo of Caring middle aged woman embraces her husband looks with love and broad smile. Married mature couple have good relationships isolated on brown background. Smiling aged husband and wife pose for photoSmall photo of A businessman holding a light bulb in his hand demonstrates the broad vision and concept of building a business that will grow with efficiency and stability.Small photo of Store owner turning close sign broad through the door glass for social distancing prevent corona virus outbreak.Small photo of Positive emotions, joy and happy childhood. Adorable black boy posing against blank white copy space studio wall background, looking at camera with broad cheerful smile, anticipating holidaysSmall photo of Adorable dark skinned adult woman dressed in yellow jumper, holds mobile phone, browses social networks, has broad smile, enjoys online chatting, isolated on blue wall, being always in touchSmall photo of Taditional fava with olive oil. Mashed broad beans fava appetizer.Small photo of Lifestyle, emotions and advertisement concept. Happy smiling and pumped asian girl celebrating victory, chanting yes with hands raised up and broad grin, triumphing over achievement or success

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