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Small photo of A left foot of an unidentifiable person with significant lymphedema. The toes with macerated and hyperkeratic skin are visible and the mid foot has a compressive dressing on it, covering cellulitis.Small photo of A picture of skin infection as cellulitis on the face showed small red bump or mass below the left side of nose swollen painful with radiate to the side involving swollen cheek next to the lesionSmall photo of Anti-cellulite concept. Woman hips before and after cellulitis with white arrow.Small photo of cellulitis of right leg, showed erythematous red rashes as ill defined border with swelling tenderness and warm skin as an infection after insect biteSmall photo of Anti-cellulite concept. Woman hips with cellulitis and white arrow among DNA stemps.Small photo of Sterile, single use, elastic plastic applied on diabetic foot ulcer. Wound care. Cellulitis present. Lateral view.Small photo of Female hips before and after slimming. Hands shows part with cellulitis on female hips.Small photo of Oversize young woman want to wear short jeans. Overweight female sitting on the bed holding pants jeans worried about weight gain. Plus size model girl with cellulitis.Obesity and weight loss concept.Small photo of Lower Limb Cellulitis and Deep Vein Thrombosis.Small photo of fat young Asian woman trying to wear short jeans. Overweight woman in tight pants jeans or clothing worried about weight gain. closeup, Plus size model female with cellulitis. Obesity and weight lossSmall photo of picture of left knee showed the medial side redness swollen ill identified border warmth feeling as infection called cellulitis or bacterial skin infectionSmall photo of Leg ulcer secondary to cellulitis preceeded by blister formation. Patient also has underlying Chronic Venous Insufficiency.Small photo of Close-up Stretching Body. Surgery Abdomen, Fat Female Body in Stretch Marks, Excess Fat and Cellulitis, Marker Woman's Body for Abdominal Liposuction - ImageSmall photo of Cellulitis of Right lower limb.Small photo of Hyperpigmentation of Skin with Cellulitis of the lower limb in patient with Deep Vein Thrombosis.

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