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  • Our live experiences, fixed in aphorisms, stiffen into cold epigrams. Our heart's blood, as we write it, turns to mere dull ink. (Experiențele pe care le trăim, fixate în aforisme, sunt înțepenite în epigrame reci. Sângele inimii noastre, pe măsură ce scriem, se transformă într-o biată cerneală fadă.) - F.H. Bradley
  • Only cat lovers know the luxury of fur-coated, musical hot water bottles that never go cold. (Numai iubitorii de pisici știu ce înseamnă luxul de a avea sticle îmbrăcate în blană, muzicale, umplute cu apă caldă care nu se răcește niciodată.) - Susanne Millen
  • The cold is my warm friend. (Frigul este prietenul meu călduros.) - Wim Hof

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Small photo of Cold Brew Iced Coffee In A Clear Cup On A White BackgroundSmall photo of Close-up portrait of her she nice attractive lovable cute adorable winsome girl with two buns wear white shirt protection flu cold facial mask isolated over pink pastel backgroundSmall photo of beautiful abstract grungy blue stucco wall background in cold mood. pantone of the year color concept background with space for text.Small photo of Frozen man trembles from cold has red face covered by ice frosted beard wears jacket with hood needs to warm during winter expedition poses over coral background. Cold weather low temperatureSmall photo of Paramedics working to isolated corona virus suspect in blurry view. viruses that include the common cold, and viruses such as SARS and MERS. This new virus was named "COVID - 19"Small photo of Girl in respiratory mask. Masked woman looks at camera. Cold, flu, virus, tonsillitis, respiratory disease, quarantine, epidemic concept. Beautiful caucasian young woman with disposable face maskSmall photo of Happy young golden retriever dog and cute mixed breed tabby cat under cozy plaid. Animals warms under gray and white blanket in cold winter weather. Friendship of pets. Pets care concept.Small photo of Ill upset young woman sitting on sofa covered with blanket freezing blowing running nose got fever caught cold sneezing in tissue, sick girl having influenza symptoms coughing at home, flu conceptSmall photo of New coronavirus CoVid-19 outbreak situation with pandemic epidemic warning - adult caucasian senior old man with fever symptoms like illness cold seasonal influenza - people and virus conceptSmall photo of Pouring homemade kefir, buttermilk or yogurt with probiotics. Yogurt flowing from glass bottle on white wooden background. Probiotic cold fermented dairy drink. Trendy food and drink. Copy space leftSmall photo of Frozen male explorer has red face covered with frost stares very shocked at camera surprised by very low temperature wears warm jacket and gloves has walk outdoor during blizzard cold weatherSmall photo of Dark forest. Gloomy dark scene with trees, big moon, moonlight. Smoke, shadow. Abstract dark, cold street background. Night view.Small photo of Healthy products for Immunity boosting and cold remedies, top view.Small photo of Kefir, buttermilk or yogurt with probiotics. Yogurt in glass on white wooden background. Probiotic cold fermented dairy drink. Gut health, fermented products, healthy gut flora concept. Copy spaceSmall photo of Young woman with sensitive teeth and hand holding glass of cold water with ice. Healthcare concept. woman drinking cold drink, glass full of ice cubes and feels toothache, pain

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