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  • People won't have time for you if you are always angry or complaining. (Oamenii nu vor avea timp pentru tine, dacă mereu ești nervos sau mereu te văicărești.) - Stephen Hawking

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Small photo of Angry customer complaining about barista in coffee shopSmall photo of Worried woman complaining about expensive restaurant billSmall photo of Group of business people is upset and getting stress about their unsuccessful project while their boss complaining. Working and Failure ConceptSmall photo of Upset whining displeased moody girlfriend complaining talk into smartphone hold phone near mouth upset, frowning bothered bad connection, record voice message, blue backgroundSmall photo of Close up of man complaining about mental health problems at aa support group meeting. Person with addiction talking about depression with people in circle at rehab therapy session.Small photo of Stressed man scratching itchy arm complaining in natureSmall photo of Asian female complaining of headacheSmall photo of Japanese man complaining of neck painSmall photo of Stressed trekker suffering accident complaining with knee fracture alone in the mountainSmall photo of Confused Discontented Arabic Guy Talking On Cell Phone Using Pc Having Problem With Computer Or Internet Connection At Home. Displeased Male Customer Calling To Hotline Service And ComplainingSmall photo of Angry dissatisfied man talking on phone, arguing or solving problem, sitting on couch at home, irritated unhappy client having unpleasant conversation with customer support service, complainingSmall photo of Angry customer complaining about barista in coffee shopSmall photo of Japanese man complaining of lower back painSmall photo of Teen scratching itchy eyes complaining outdoors in a parkSmall photo of Front view portrait of a man with black skin complaining about tooth ache

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