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Small photo of Young female artisan concentrated on modeling jug from raw clay while pottery lesson or workshop in creative studio. Woman ceramic business owner making craft for sale in handmade potter retail storeSmall photo of Side view of serious adult concentrated focused Indian Hispanic boss ceo businessman using typing on computer pc laptop working in contemporary office, accounting analysing report financial data.Small photo of caucasian slim woman in sportive blue top and leggins training with triceps kickback in modern gym. fit athlete lady concentrated on workout, alone. cross fit, healthy lifestyle, fitness, sportSmall photo of Concentrated girl working on an agricultural farm collects a harvest of ripe tomatoes on a plantation, putting them in a ..bucketSmall photo of Concentrated on the code. Cropped shot of a male computer programmer working on new code.Small photo of African female yoga teacher having online lesson sitting on green mat in light room showing pranayama techniques, hands on her chest and belly, looking concentrated and focused on body feelingsSmall photo of Horizontal shot of pretty cheerful woman with bun hairstylepoints index fingers at smile shows white teeth concentrated away wears spectacles and white knitted sweater isolated on pink backgroundSmall photo of Concentrated gynecologist listening to her patient complaintsSmall photo of Concentrated young family couple calculating expenditures, analyzing paper bank bills, managing monthly budget, planning investment, paying for service or utilities online using computer app.Small photo of Concentrated young streamer man winning space shooter online competition talking at professional microphone in gaming room studio. Pro gamer playing online video games and streaming during tournamentSmall photo of Concentrated young African American ethnic woman holding paper reports looking at computer monitor, holding video conference talk with diverse colleagues, discussing working issues in modern office.Small photo of Concentrated Male Customer Support Agent Receptionist wear Headset Consult Online Client Looking at Computer Screen, Helpline Operator Secretary Make Conference Video CallSmall photo of African woman in glasses sit at desk staring at laptop screen, learn new software, makes assignment, working looks concentrated, search solution or ideas. Business challenge, thinks over task conceptSmall photo of Concentrated caucasian middle-aged mature businesswoman ceo boss typing on laptop, working at office desk with documents, searching surfing web onlineSmall photo of Concentrated young African American businesswoman employee worker in eyeglasses analyzing online sales statistics data on computer, reviewing marketing research, working with documents at home office.

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