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Small photo of lughing crouched smart casual man thinks and looks to side away from the camera on white backgroundSmall photo of Two Oriental small-clawed otters, Aonyx cinereus, one crouched and the other is upright on his hind legs. The upright otter is holding a stone, which he will use to break shells and access food.Small photo of Crouched Worried Young Man With Hand On Head Pointing At Punctured Car TireSmall photo of A woman poses crouched down in front of a blank wall.Small photo of Ninja samurai crouched on one leg and propped on a swordSmall photo of A man and an old man in a wheelchair are walking in the park. They are happy. The man crouched beside him and holds the old man by the handSmall photo of A male Asiatic Lion (Panthera leo persica) crouched down, against a blurred natural dry forest background, Gir forest, Gujarat, India

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