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  • Desperate? That can be a justification for all kinds of behavior. (Disperată? Nu-i o justificare pentru nicio formă de comportament.) - Jessica Walter

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Small photo of Portrait of teenager student is feeling desperate. Dark photo of young desperate man. Boy near mirror. depressing concept. violence concept. depression concept. abuseSmall photo of Two exhausted and desperate surgeons as signs of congestion and errorSmall photo of Sad desperate grieving crying woman with folded hands and tears eyes during trouble, life difficulties, depression and emotional problemsSmall photo of Depression Counseling. Desperate Man Telling About Unhappy Life While Professional Psychologist Taking Notes During Appointment In Office. Selective FocusSmall photo of Desperate medical NHS EMS worker in white protective suit,blue surgical mask latex gloves & safety goggles,Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic crisis causing shortage of protective personal equipment supplySmall photo of Young beautiful arab woman wearing winter sweater over isolated background suffering from headache desperate and stressed because pain and migraine. Hands on head.Small photo of Sad stressed old middle aged woman widow mourning crying alone sit on couch at home, upset desperate senior mature elder grandma grieving weeping suffering from anxiety grief sorrow disease conceptSmall photo of Stressed young woman holding head in hands, feeling desperate about financial problems, dismissive notice, failed test. Depressed businesswoman shocked by bank loan rejection, domestic bills.Small photo of Blurred background Unhappy depressed Asian male sitting on chair in living room feeling desperate a lonely suffering from depression in the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)Small photo of Close up unhappy young woman hiding face in hands, feeling desperate cheated hopeless alone indoors. Upset millennial girl crying, suffering from consequences of wrong decision, depression concept.Small photo of Unhappy depressed caucasian male sitting and lying in living room couch feeling desperate a lonely suffering from depression. In stressed from work, anxiety, heartbroken and men Health care concept.Small photo of Homeless people are helped with food relief, famine relief : volunteers giving food to poor people in desperate need : The concept of food sharing Help solve Hunger for the homelessSmall photo of Stressed exhausted mother looking at camera feeling desperate about screaming stubborn kid daughter tantrum, upset annoyed mom tired of naughty difficult child girl misbehave yelling for attentionSmall photo of dramatic home portrait of young depressed and desperate man sitting on bedroom floor next to bed suffering depression and anxiety feeling overwhelmed and helplessSmall photo of Desperate sad jobless man put head on hands sitting on chair hunched after unsuccessful failed job interview meeting. Fired employee feels stressed after dismissal, boss and company bankruptcy concept

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