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  • One should create art the same as one breathes, it should occur without any difficulty, without any anguish. (Trebuie să faci artă așa cum respiri, trebuie s-o faci fără dificultate, fără angoasă.) - Constantin Brâncuși

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Small photo of Woman suffering from dizziness with difficulty standing up while leaning on wallSmall photo of Angry man talking on phone disputing over computer laptop problem, stressed unsatisfied impatient customer arguing by mobile solving online difficulty with technical support complain on bad serviceSmall photo of Portrait of 20s young Asian woman having difficulty breathing in bedroom at night. Shortness of breath, asthma, difficult to breathe problems. Corona Virus symptoms.Small photo of Man suffering from dizziness with difficulty standing up while leaning on wallSmall photo of 60s or 70s Asian senior woman having sleep disorder, sitting in bed look sad.Lonely grandmother have Difficulty falling asleep. Waking up often during the night and having trouble going back to sleep.Small photo of Senior man suffering from back pain at home while wife sleeping on bed. Old man with backache having difficulty in getting up from bed. Suffering from backache and sitting on bed in the morning.Small photo of 3 year old blond girl sitting inside a vintage suitcase floats on water in her flooded bedroom. Concept of difficulty and carefree.Small photo of Wide cropped image of a businessman playing chess reaching white king piece for concept about overcoming difficulty and achieving goals.Small photo of Businessman playing chess game reaching to plan strategy for success, thinking for planning overcoming difficulty and achieving goals business strategy for win, management or leadership concept.Small photo of Beautiful young blonde girl holding glasses and squinting trying to read the inscription in front of her. Girl student with poor eyesight have difficulty reading small text.Small photo of Profile portrait of an irritated young businesswoman woman at the office, feeling her back tired after working at laptop, uncomfortable chair, feeling severe back ache, itching, difficulty sitting

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