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  • My guitars are my umbilical cord. They're directly wired into my head. (Chitarele mele sunt cordoane ombilicale. Sunt direct conectate în capul meu.) - Kirk Hammett
  • There is no better way to dispel the ghosts than looking directly into their eyes. (Ca să scapi definitiv de fantasme, trebuie să-ți aduni curajul și să le privești în ochi.) - Patrick Modiano

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Small photo of Modern red tractor seeding directly into the stubble with red equipment using GPS for precision farming in the fields of Czech Republic.Small photo of podcasting concept, directly above view of headphones and recording microphone on orange backgroundSmall photo of White cream tubes on light pink table. Care about face, hands, legs and body skin. Women beauty products. Cosmetic pattern. Empty place for logo on tubes. Hard light directly flat lay.Small photo of Cheerful energetic black haired female reaching out arm, holding smartphone in one hand, smiling sincerely, looking directly at camera, being in high spirits, wearing casual bright red t shirt.Small photo of Photo of satisfied woman holds piece of pizza, feels pleased as spends free time with friends in pizzeria, looks happily directly at camera, wears casual outfit, isolated over yellow wall. Lunch

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