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Small photo of Frustrated stressed single african mom having headache feel tired annoyed about noisy active kids playing at home, upset disturbed black mother fatigued of difficult disobedient misbehaving childrenSmall photo of Middle aged mature woman insomniac lying awake in bed looking up trying to sleep, unhappy old senior lady feel disturbed frustrated suffer from insomnia concept uncomfortable bad mattress, top viewSmall photo of Terrible stomachache. Frustrated handsome young man hugging his belly and keeping eyes closed. Disturbed male having pain in stomachSmall photo of Young woman trying to sleep but disturbed by noisy neighbors and covering ears with pillowsSmall photo of disturbed facial expression. grimace of pain. unbearable suffering and torture. man with eyes shut. portrait of a young brunet guy on light background. emotion feelings and reaction concept.Small photo of Wtf going on. Confused girl cringe face look shocked puzzled touch cheek stare awkward stunned reacting disturbed awful disgusting scene standing white background speechless disappointedSmall photo of Stressed unhappy woman suffering and disturbed by noisy neighbors and covering her ears with hands while trying to sleep in bed at home in early morningSmall photo of Angry woman suffering and disturbed by noisy neighbors and covering her ears with pillow while trying to falling sleep in bed at home in early morning.Small photo of Scared frightened little kid girl looking at camera lying in bed on pillow with toy afraid of nightmare, terrified child awaking from bad dream sleep feeling fear disturbed by scary monster, top view

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