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  • We all have sadness in our life and things that we can draw upon. (Toți putem să ne hrănim din tristețe și alte lucruri prezente în viața noastră.) - Sherilyn Fenn

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Small photo of Table top back panorama gray line draw paper kraft background texture in soft white light color concept for page wide screen tear wallpaper, flat rice grey surface for panoramic wall. plain cementSmall photo of Businessman draw growth graph and progress of business and analyzing financial and investment data ,business planning and strategy on blue background.Small photo of Close up bottom view of a young boy drawing a face on a white sheet. Kid hold a pencil and draw something, warm orange light at home. Children writing on a paper. Teen drawing sitting on a sofaSmall photo of Kids draw and make crafts. Children with educational toys and school supplies for creativity. Background for preschool and kindergarten or art classes. Boy and girl play at home or daycareSmall photo of Distressed Yellow Brown Old Brick Wall With Graffiti Street Art. Background And Painted Lines And Draw. Abstract Grunge Modern Grafitty Wallpaper. Abstract Plastered Wall Web Banner. Design Element.Small photo of Architect's desk: drawings, tape measure, ruler and other drawing tools. Engineer works with drawings in a bright office, close-up. Insturments and office for designer. Male hands draw with a pencil.Small photo of New Year 2020 light. Sparklers draw figures 2020. Bengal lights and letterSmall photo of Question Marks with young woman in a thoughtful pose.Asianl woman with questioning expression and question marks above her head.Hand draw sketch question icon.

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