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Small photo of Abandoned old village of Aceredo, Galicia, Spain. Submerged since the construction of the Alto Lindoso dam in 1992, emerged due to the current drought in this region.Small photo of Concept of water shortage, water crisis, drought, global warming effect. water pipes with little water flowSmall photo of Drought on the Colorado River at Lake Powell 's Hite Bridge Crossing Due to Climate ChangeSmall photo of Climate change. Large mountain lake completely drained by drought. Ceresole Reale, Italy - February 2022Small photo of Dried peppers in the garden. Drought, poor watering of plantsSmall photo of Low water level in Vistula river, effect of drought seen from the bird's eye perspectiveSmall photo of ROUSSILLON, FRANCE -1 JUL 2021- View of a completely dried up river bed a drought near Roussillon in Vaucluse, Provence, France.Small photo of Aerial view. Drought and dry rivers. Roman bridge of Bobbio over the Trebbia river, Piacenza, Emilia-Romagna. Italy. 06-16-2022. River bed with stones and vegetation. Called hunchback bridgeSmall photo of Low flowing river bed. Reduction of river waters in summer. Drought onset theme.Small photo of Field of cultivation of dry sunflowers due to drought.Small photo of Concept of global warming and drought. People are sitting in despair because of the drought. a world without waterSmall photo of Close-up of dried straw to protect crops from drought, in vegetable gardenSmall photo of Exposed parched riverbed of the Elbe River in Magdeburg, Germany during severe drought in summerSmall photo of Hand of young man hold world globe with burn hot by drought environment and beautiful green abundance nature metaphor Climate change. Elements of this image furnished by NASASmall photo of Freshwater Lakes. Water supply problems and water deficit, ecology and environmental. Surface and groundwater pollution. Global drought crisis. Drink water safe. Forest lake, Wetland green background.

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