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Small photo of the colorful orange belly with black dots and spotted white throat of the smooth newt is only visible from below or when they take up water, this pond dweller triturus vulgaris is underwaterSmall photo of Bamyan (Bamiyan) / Central Afghanistan - 19 Aug 2005: This poor girl lives in the caves in Bamyan (Bamiyan), Afghanistan. A cave dweller in the cliffs near to the Bamyan (Bamiyan) Buddhas, AfghanistanSmall photo of Metal processing in the workshop. Grinding metal. The worker makes the structure of a metal profile. Creating a shelving for the city dweller. Sparks from metal friction.Small photo of Lonely adult handsome man in a blue coat with a green backpack behind standing on metro platform, train in motion. Way to work for a modern city dweller. Morning commute. Urban life concept.Small photo of cold street dwellerSmall photo of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India- December 8 2020: Local dweller children carrying food from langar (community kitchen) during farmer's protest.Small photo of golden Ocellatus shell-dweller swimming in freshwater aquarium. Lamprologus ocellatus is Tanganyika Shell Dweller cichlids.Small photo of Barcelona, Spain - Jun1 1, 2018 last collection of luxury wrist Swiss watch manufactured by Rolex Sky Dweller model in the official store distributor store multiple colors and 452000 euro price tagSmall photo of Shell dweller from Lake Tanganyika.Small photo of White water tap beside the slum. Slum dweller take water from here.Small photo of A tortoise preparing to devour a fat worm. A tortoise is mostly a land dweller using its clawed feet to get around as opposed to his aquatic cousin the turtle who has webbed feet.Small photo of Young attractive black woman smiling, close up portrait of urban dwellerSmall photo of A sickly-looking young woman is sad on the windowsill of a city apartment. Autumn depression of a city dwellerSmall photo of The cute golden Ocellatus shell-dweller in freshwater aquarium. Lamprologus ocellatus is Tanganyika Shell Dweller cichlids.Small photo of Zebra Shell-dweller swimming in freshwater aquarium. Neolamprologus similis is Tanganyika Shell Dweller cichlids.

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