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  • We ought not be over anxious to encourage innovation, in case of doubtful improvement, for an old system must ever have two advantages over a new one; it is established and it is understood. (Nu trebuie să fim prea nerăbdători să încurajăm inovația când este vorba de o îmbunătățire îndoielnică, pentru că un sistem vechi are, întotdeauna, două avantaje asupra unuia nou; este stabilit și este înțeles.) - Charles Caleb Colton
  • Justice is the means by which established injustices are sanctioned. (Justiția înseamnă mijloacele prin care sunt sancționate injustițiile stabilite.) - Anatole France
  • Men, however learned they may be, can never change anything of the cosmographical order established by God Himself. (Oamenii, oricât de înțelepți, nu vor putea niciodată să schimbe ceva din ordinea cosmică construită de Dumnezeu.) - Jules Verne

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Small photo of Different big rigs semi trucks with semi trailers standing in row on truck stop parking lot with reserved spots for truck driver rest and compliance with established truck driving regulationsSmall photo of Crawley, Sussex, UK- 08.05.2020 : the departure lounge of Gatwick Airport which start to get busy since travel corridors was established with varies countries allowing quarantine free travel.Small photo of Hangzhou, China-March 10, 2018:Ant Financial Services Group, officially established in October 2014.Ant Financial is a member of the Alibaba digital economy.Small photo of New York, USA – April 18, 2021: Vintage 1955 Vial of PFIZER Penicillin G - PFIZER is a US Pharmaceutical Companies Established in 1849 by Charles Pfizer and Charles ErhartSmall photo of A copper water holder and a glass. In Indian ayurvedic culture it has been established that drinking water out of a copper utensil has many health benefits.Small photo of Cuban Cigars in a humidor. Romeo y Julieta (Established 1885) Short Churchill’s and Hoyo de Monterrey (Established 1865) Epicure Especial. Traditional Cuban tobacco leaf cigars. Editorial background.Small photo of POZNAN, POL - FEB 6, 2021: Laptop computer displaying logo of Banco Central do Brasil, Brazil's central bank, established in 1964Small photo of Aerial drone view of new road development and residential construction site in the newly established suburb of Whitlam in Canberra, the capital city of AustraliaSmall photo of Bangkok, Thailand -Jun 06, 2021 : IKEA sign at store . Founded in Sweden in 1943 IKEA has been the world's largest furniture retailer since at least 2008. Ikea-Thailand has been established since 2011Small photo of husha fortress - the fortress walls surrounding the historical center of Shusha. Newly established castle town was called "Panahabad fortress". Aerial view of fortSmall photo of Colourful Peranakan Houses. The word Peranakan used by the local people to address foreign immigrants whom established families in Singapore, Singapore.Small photo of Aerial view Dun Laoghaire Pier - East and West Pier Lighthouse The East Pier Light was established in 1847. Dublin, IrelandSmall photo of New York, USA – April 18, 2021: Vintage 1955 Vials of PFIZER Penicillin G - PFIZER is a US Pharmaceutical Companies Established in 1849 by Charles Pfizer and Charles ErhartSmall photo of Older established residential neighborhood of homes.Small photo of The Punta Aderci Nature Reserve was established in 1998. It offers one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in Abruzzo and Italy with traditional fishing platform Trabocchi. Italy Vasto

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