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Small photo of Cemal Pasha and members of the Turkish Parliament in Jerusalem, 1916. He had military success in Iraq in 1915, but left Palestine after Turkish troops faltered in 1917Small photo of Rusty, metal hooks on top of a concrete, steel reinforced beam, have been abandoned decades ago, as the building project faltered, and now simply stick out against the backdrop of a cloudy, blue sky.Small photo of Looking southwest at The Angle on the Gettysburg battlefield. View is from the Union defenses. This is the furthest Pickett's charge reached before it faltered and was driven back.Small photo of KARAS, NAMIBIA - 12 MARCH 2013: The Namib Desert has seen much prospecting, but many efforts, such as at Saddle Hill, have eventually faltered in the face of the very unforgiving conditions.

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