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  • The older I grow the more I distrust the familiar doctrine that age brings wisdom. (Cu cât îmbătrânesc mai mult, cu atât mai puțin am încredere în doctrina binecunoscută că bătrânețea aduce înțelepciune.) - H.L. Mencken

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Small photo of Backpacker man travelling by hitchhiking on his own. What is there. Tourist with map see familiar landmark. Seems finally got destination point. Tourist try to recognize familiar place using map.Small photo of Studio shot of weimaraner dog like a medieval aristocrat. Confident and proud pet on armchair like prince or king in his kingdom. Like a familiar portrait. Concept of comparison of eras, pets love.Small photo of Radicchio rosso di Treviso, commonly known as Treviso has elongated, variegated red leaves that taste more delicate and less bitter than the more familiar ball-shaped Radicchio rosso di ChioggiaSmall photo of Friendly girl saying hi to best friends. Portrait of cheerful bright european woman in striped pullover, waving hand in hello gesture and smiling broadly, pleased to see familiar person on streetSmall photo of On a blue background there are two egg shells. Near painted traces of chicken. Break your shell, get out of the comfort zone, leave the familiar environmentSmall photo of Hi, my friend. Portrait of good-looking ordinary eastern male with curly hair and beard raising hand and waving in greeting gesture, welcoming familiar person on street or giving five to mateSmall photo of Machu Picchu, the most familiar icon of Inca civilization situated on a mountain ridge above the Sacred Valley northwest of Cuzco, Cusco Region, Peru.Small photo of One of the most familiar birds in parks and gardens of Europe, the common blackbird. This one is perched on a hawthorn branch with some red fruits.Small photo of Mom and daughter at the breakfast table holding their bowl with both hands and drinking. Familiar morningSmall photo of Friendly, good-looking bearded guy saying hi and waving raised arm in greeting, surprised man see familiar person on street, very happy, introduce himself or saying farewell, white backgroundSmall photo of What is there. Tourist with map see familiar landmark. Seems finally got destination point. Tourist try to recognize familiar place using map. Backpacker man travelling by hitchhiking on his own.Small photo of Male Familiar Bluet Damselfly holding tightly to a female as she lays eggs in a pond. Humber Bay Park, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.Small photo of Typical street scene in the central London district with familiar architecture facades to urban housing.Small photo of Friendly sporty black guy jogging in city park and greeting familiar sportsmen. Young Afro American man running outdoors and waving hand. Sport and communication conceptSmall photo of Night View Of Ranu Kumbolo Campsite. one of the familiar names, especially for those who like to ride mountains. Dubbed the paradise of Semeru

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