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  • It is by no means an irrational fancy that, in a future existence, we shall look upon what we think our present existence, as a dream. (Faptul că într-o viață viitoare vom privi ceea ce considerăm a fi existența noastră actuală ca pe un vis nu este în niciun caz rodul irațional al imaginației.) - Edgar Allan Poe
  • It is new fancy rathert than taste which produces so many new fashions. (Nu gustul, ci noi capricii dau naștere la atât de multe mode noi.) - Voltaire

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Small photo of Modern composition of living room interior at fancy apartment with gray sofa, rattan armchair, wooden cube, plaid, tropical plant and elegant accessories. Stylish home decor. Template.Small photo of Luxurious and glamour style living room interior with quilted corner sofa, glass coffee and dining tables and fancy chairsSmall photo of Smiling glad dark skinned woman enjoys birthday party, stands with eyes closed and charming smile, wears fancy blue polka dot summer dress, waits for guests poses around inflated balloons, makes photoSmall photo of Young friends having fun drinking red wine on balcony at house dinner party - Happy people eating bbq food at fancy alternative restaurant together - Dining lifestyle concept on desaturated filterSmall photo of People hands toasting multicolored fancy drinks - Young friends having fun together drinking cocktails at happy hour - Social gathering party time concept on warm vivid filter - Shallow depth of fieldSmall photo of Comfort armchairs near wooden table against decorative fireplace, couch, houseplants and home decor in fancy apartment. Elegant living room with stylish and loft interior designSmall photo of Fancy interior design of home office space with stylish chair, desk, commode, black mock up poster frame, lapatop, book, desk organizer and elegant presonal accessories in home decor. Template.Small photo of Friends group drinking cappuccino at coffee bar - People talking and having fun together at fancy cafeteria - Friendship concept with happy guys and girls at restaurant cafe - Warm bulb light filterSmall photo of Comfortable bed with stylish, wooden bedside table with black lamp, black vase with decorative grass, fancy black container and glass jewelry boxSmall photo of Group of women spend time at a fancy restaurantSmall photo of Green fabric texture surface for interior wall design. Olive color seamless textile for nature of peace feeling for architecture or construction of hotel or fancy restaurant.Small photo of Adorable Indian kid dressed up as little krishna Shrikrishna or kanha kanhaiya on fancy dress Gokulashtami festival. eating curd butterSmall photo of man paying bill at fancy restaurantSmall photo of Stylish interior of living room at fancy home with design sofa, marble side table, plant, pillow, blanket, book and personal accessories in modern home decor. Template. Copy space.Small photo of Elegant living room with loft interior design, comfort armchairs near wooden table against decorative fireplace and home decor in fancy apartment

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