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Small photo of Alva Vanderbilt Belmont and Inez Milholland were wealthy Women's suffrage activists. Belmont was a major funder of the movement to pass the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote. 1913.Small photo of BRENTWOOD, M0.-April 3, 2021: Environmental Activist hold sign "Reading "Chase Bank is #1 funder of fossil fuels" at a protest of the installation of Enbridge Energy's line 3 pipeline replacement.Small photo of traded finance diagram, funder change, trading, bitcoin falling concept.Small photo of one of the residents of the social cottage environment in Keputih when visited by a funder who wanted to have a close look at their condition (Surabaya, 30 October 2015)Small photo of Copenhagen / Denmark - September 6, 2018: Funder Coffee Bicycle parked near Cafe close to The Royal Library and Danish Parliament Building.Small photo of Male entrepreneur is pushing ANGEL INVESTOR on an interactive touch screen. Start up finance concept for business angel, informal investor, angel funder or seed investor, especially the tech sector.Small photo of Isolated male hand holding a white screen smartphone with FUNDER words. copy space

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