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Small photo of The plants commonly known as "freesias", with fragrant funnel-shaped flowers, are cultivated hybrids of a number of Freesia species. Some other species are also grown as ornamental plants.Small photo of Oleander funnel-shaped double flowers bloom in clusters at the twig tips. Cluster of a double-flowered, creamy white oleander (Nerium Oleander) flowers. Dainty, soft yellow oleander flowers on a shrubSmall photo of Yellow Jessamine flower, a early-blooming vine with bright, funnel-shaped flowers. It grows beautifully over fences, walls and trellises.Small photo of View from below of attractive Oleander White flowers on a shrub. Close-up of gorgeous White Oleander shrub producing loads of pure white blossoms. Oleander’s funnel-shaped flowers, lance-shaped leavesSmall photo of Morning Glory, Three-color Morning Glory, Ipomoea purpurea, is a beautiful climbing plant with various colored, funnel-shaped flowers.Small photo of Agapanthus. Lily of the Nile opened, opening & closed flowers, flower buds growing in cluster. Funnel-shaped (tubular) flowers in a hue of purple in a pseudo-umbel inflorescence with grass-like leavesSmall photo of Large funnel-shaped blue morning glory flower close-up. Natural plant background with limited depth of field.Small photo of Purple funnel-shaped flowers of Lavatera - flowering plants in the family Malvaceae (Lavatera trimestris)Small photo of Close up of purple lavatera or mallow. Funnel-shaped pink mallow flowers of Lavatera plant macro - family Malvaceae (Lavatera trimestris) on green background in flower garden. Big pink mallow flowerSmall photo of Clivia miniata (Natal lily, bush lily, Kaffir lily, fire lily) umbel of funnel-shaped, orange-red flowers, vivid flowers, macro, blurred background.

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