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Small photo of A gaggle of geese walking down a city pathwaySmall photo of Gaggle of geese swimming on a park lake at sunriseSmall photo of Gaggle of geese walking through a puddle of waterSmall photo of A gaggle of geese feeds on grass by the Columbia Wrightsville bridge in Columbia, Pa.Small photo of A gaggle of white geese in a lakeSmall photo of SNOWDONIA, WALES- MAY, 2019: A gaggle of vagabond hikers overlooking a beautiful vista in Snowdonia National Park unknowing of what the forest below has in store for them that evening.Small photo of A gaggle on water going in the same direction making Suttle waves in the lakeSmall photo of Gaggle of Canada Geese in Formation Flight against a White Sky, SuffolkSmall photo of A gaggle of geese on a grassy field with one on the lookout.Small photo of Guntersville, Alabama/USA-6/20/20: Photo Depicts a Gaggle of Geese in a Park on Lake Guntersville at Sunset.Small photo of Paros, Greece - September 27, 2020: A gaggle of white geese on the street in Naoussa on Paros island, GreeceSmall photo of Wrought iron wind vane with an arrow, N,E,S,W letters and a gaggle of geese on the top.Small photo of A gaggle of geese and one duck friend feasting in the Bellingham Bay.Small photo of A gaggle of geese standing at water's edge. Blue sky with dramatic clouds above the horizon, with a bit of land visible and a rocky, kelp strewn, beach at the far right.Small photo of Gaggle of juvenile Canada geese (Branta canadensis) and parents exiting Dow's Lake to menace the pedestrians and cyclists on the nearby cycle path.

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