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Small photo of Top down view of everything bagels topped with cream cheese, smoked salmon lox and garnished with capers and sprouts.Small photo of old fashioned cocktail garnished with orange twist isolatedSmall photo of Italian pizza with melted mozzarella cheese green olives and tomato garnished with fresh vegetables and basil leaves.isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of Portion of ground beef lasagne topped with melted cheese and garnished with fresh parsley served on a gray plate . top view. isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of Fresh tuna fish fillet steaks garnished with parsley isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of Fish curry_Seer fish curry ,traditional Indian fish curry ,kerala special dish using coconut ,arranged in a white bowl garnished with curry leaves on black textured background, isolated.Small photo of Beef Bourguignon in a pan. Stew with red wine ,carrots, onions, garlic, a bouquet garni, and garnished with pearl onions, mushrooms and bacon. French cuisine- regional recipe from BurgundySmall photo of Raw whole chicken with skin arranged on wooden board and garnished with parsely,small tomato,spring onion,chilli flakes and lemon slices with stone textured colour as background ,isolatedSmall photo of Upma made of samolina or rava upma, most famous south indian breakfast item which is arranged in a black plate and garnished with fried cashew nut and curry leaves with grey colour background.Small photo of Garnished traditional roasted turkey, garnished with fresh figs, pomegranate, and herbs. On white background.Small photo of Caramel custard Custard pudding Flan crema volteada dessert - Creme caramel is a custard dessert garnished with a coating of caramel sauceSmall photo of Hummus. Large bowl of homemade hummus garnished with chickpeas, red sweet pepper, parsley and olive oil, flat lay, middle east foodSmall photo of Raw whole chicken with skin arranged on grill and garnished with parsley,small tomato,spring onion,chilly flakes and lemon slices with stone textured or graphite colour as background,isolatedSmall photo of Homemade Porotta or lachha paratha,layered flat bread made using wheat flour arranged in a cast iron pan or thawa and garnished with lemon and onion slices, red chilli and coriander leaf on a woodenSmall photo of Margarita. Classic traditional Mexican cocktail. Made with Blanco tequila, fresh lime juice, agave syrup and orange juice. Served in salt rimmed tumbler over ice and garnished with a lime.

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