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  • He who is greedy is disgraced; he who discloses his hardship will always be humiliated; he who has no control over his tongue will often have to face discomfort. (Cel care-i lacom e denigrat, cel care va lupta cu greutățile vieții va fi umilit, cel care nu-și tine gura va avea întotdeauna de suferit.) - Imam Ali-Ibn-Abi-Talib
  • It is partly to avoid consciousness of greed that we prefer to associate with those who are at least as greedy as we ourselves. Those who consume much less are a reproach. (Preferăm compania celor care sunt cel puțin la fel de lacomi ca și noi, în parte pentru a evita să ne conștientizăm lăcomia. Cei care consumă mult mai puțin reprezintă un reproș.) - Charles Horton Cooley

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Small photo of greedy cat eating on a gray backgroundSmall photo of Finance, Investment And Money Saving. Portrait of excited asian young man holding and showing wallet full of dollars, free space, isolated over orange studio background. Greedy guy got salarySmall photo of Young crazy father checking milk before giving it to kid. close up photo. isolated blue background. studio shot.funny greedy daddy drinking from the baby's bottle.Small photo of Gluttony and overeating concept. Upset crying ethnic woman eats piece of cake reluctantly, sits at table with many desserts, isolated over blue wall, feels hungry and greedy, wears yellow jacketSmall photo of Close up portrait of a hungry greedy girl eating donuts isolated over white backgroundSmall photo of Greedy businessman holding bunch of dollars, rejoicing easy income, high salarySmall photo of Obese greedy man stocks foodstuff, eats too much, suffers from overweight and gluttony, keeps hands on belly full of products, has tattooed arms, thick beard, concentrated with frightened lookSmall photo of Hungry young sports woman eating protein bars while standing on sports ground. Beautiful greedy blonde fitness girl posing and enjoying healthy muesli and cereal snacks outdoors. Nutrition for sportSmall photo of Greedy for money. Portrait of avaricious rich woman in denim shirt smelling earned dollar banknotes, enjoying success and big profit, wealthy life. indoor studio shot isolated on yellow backgroundSmall photo of Kids play toys in bed. Little girls spend time together. Friendship sisterhood personal relations. Toys shop. Cute soft toys. Generosity and greediness. Teach sister sharing toys. Greedy sisters.Small photo of Art portrait of man with a dog head. Concept is greedy or mercantile person. Collage with greedy man on orange background. Art portrait of greedy man in modern magazine style. Dollar symbols near itSmall photo of Greedy caucasian man holding several rolls of toiler paper on his hand hiding it from other people. Panic because of coronavirus situation.Small photo of A greedy hand grabbing on a bunch of money. Concept for avidity, greed, eagerness and dirty moneySmall photo of Jealous friend. Greedy kids concept. Sisters relations issues. Share book with friend. Classmates rivalry problem. Schoolgirls fight for book. Protect property. Greedy friends. Greedy competitors.Small photo of Hungry greedy Afro American girl bites big delicious piece of cake, poses at table with many yummy desserts, has sweet breakfast at home, unhealthy nutrition, isolated over blue wall, gets pleasure

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