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Small photo of Young friends wearing face mask doing new social distancing greet with elbows bumps for preventing corona virus spread - Physical distance and friendship safety greetings conceptSmall photo of People greeting with foots. Alternative handshake during coronavirus epidemic. Covid 19. Coronavirus prevention. Non-contact greeting. Foot shake style of greetings. Coronavirus epidemic.Small photo of Greetings, you are hired. Happy young indian female successful job seeker shake hand of male hr manager being accepted on vacant place. Diverse business partners handshake close deal come to agreementSmall photo of Businessman and businesswoman with medical mask in office. Greetings in Covid-19 time.Small photo of Mother's Day. Twin sisters hug and greet their mother by giving her a handmade card and gifts. Excited happy mother lying on the floor with children and reading greetings. Concept of family and love.Small photo of Two colleagues avoid a handshake when meeting in the office and greet bumping elbows. Greetings in Wuhan. A man and a woman in medical masks maintain a social distance at work.Small photo of Businessman and businesswoman with medical mask in office. Greetings in Covid-19 time.Small photo of Family greeting style with elbows. Coronavirus quarantine. Social distancing concept. Family, lifestyle, new style of greetings. Kid and father greeting with elbows outdoors. Coronavirus prevention.Small photo of Friends greetings with elbows outdoors. Woman and man wearing face mask outdoors. Friends shaking elbows outdoors. Don't shake hands. Elbow greeting style. Young couple greeting with elbows.Small photo of Business greet with WAI ( Thai Greetings ) or Namaste because outbreak of COVID-19 . New novel greeting to avoid the spread of coronavirus . Instead of greeting with a hug or handshake and High FiveSmall photo of Elbow bump. Safety greetings. Businessman and business woman use elbow to bump into greeting. New way to greet, instead of shaking hands to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

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