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gum tree

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Small photo of Australian flora background of sunlit ovate leaves of the Australian native Silver Dollar gum tree, Eucalyptus cinerea, family Myrtaceae. Also known as the Argyle Apple. Endemic to New South WalesSmall photo of Cute Koala on a Gum Tree Branch at Cape Otway Great Ocean RoadSmall photo of Australian nature background with copy space. Red blossoms of the Australian native flowering gum tree Corymbia ficifolia Wildfire variety, Family Myrtaceae. Endemic to Stirling Ranges near Albany, WASmall photo of Eucalyptus silver dollar greenery, gum tree foliage natural leaves & branches designer art tropical elements set bundle photoSmall photo of Australian gum tree leaves and gumnuts close up covered in water droplets after winter rainSmall photo of Pink and white blossoms of the Australian native gum tree Corymbia Fairy Floss, family Myrtaceae. Grafted cultivar of Corymbia ficifolia which is endemic to Western AustraliaSmall photo of Tall Liquid ambar, commonly called sweetgum tree, or American Sweet gum tree, lining an older neighborhood in Northern California

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