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Small photo of Labor day concept. Old hammer and sickle. Concept Symbolism of the USSR. Isolated on white.Small photo of Hammer and sickle isolated on white backgroundSmall photo of Red USSR communism symbol with hammer and sickle. Aged metal plate isolated on white.Small photo of Communism and Marxism concept with close up on the hammer and sickle from the flag of the old Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR or Soviet Union) with a wave and copy spaceSmall photo of Soviet Union flag fragment with star, hammer and sickleSmall photo of Hammer and sickle,Communism symbol spray painted on the wallSmall photo of old USSR symbol - hammer and sickle, isolated on whiteSmall photo of Communist symbol on a house in Nepal. Hammer and sickleSmall photo of Flask, cap, soldier belt with a five-pointed star with a hammer and sickle. old photographs of the war years and a wooden calendar with the date February 23. Fatherland defender day. Text in RussianSmall photo of hammer and sickle embroidered badgeSmall photo of Rusted symbols of the Soviet Union. Hammer and sickle.Small photo of Fragment of parapet administrative government building with USSR symbols. Hammer and sickle. Typical pattern of Stalinist architecture.Small photo of Prague, Czech Republic - 14 February, 2016: The famous symbol "Hammer and sickle" of Soviet Union (USSR). Vintage background. The exhibition of Museum of Communism in Prague, Czech Republic.Small photo of Portland, OR / USA - August 17 2019: Group of masked Antifa demonstrators wearing black clothes at the downtown protest. One carries banner that shows hammer and sickle with ACAB written on it.Small photo of Soviet Union (Communist Russia) rare date coin 20 twenty kopeks 1968, value and date flanked by grain stalks and oak leaves, hammer and sickle in front of globe flanked by sheaves of wheat

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