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held back

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Small photo of Sun Star on Whitby Abbey / The Gothic ruins of Whitby Abbey with the suns rays producing a star. Sea mist held back by the cliffs at Sandsend in the backgroundSmall photo of Whitby Harbour at Sunset / Whitby Harbour as the sun goes down shining through the sea mist held back by the cliffs of SandsendSmall photo of Large number of Gentoo Penguins (Pygoscelis papua) held back from going to sea by a Leopard Seal, out of shot, hunting offshore Bleaker Island in the Falkland Islands.Small photo of Orlando, FL/USA-2/4/20: Signs in the window of an Earthfare grocery retail store going out of business that say the entire store on sale, everything must go and nothing held back.Small photo of The Wire Fox Terrier looks forward and is held back by a thin leather leash on a bright sunny day, image with copy space.Small photo of Children's roof garden at Ellis Island offered relief from boredom for young detainees, c.1910s. They were held back from U.S. entry because a parent was quarantined. Some of the girls wear long shirtSmall photo of Two men fighting with each other and being held back by a woman and a man

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